Lateral Access Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is a relatively new procedure gaining great popularity around the world and has created a revolution in the treatment of spinal deformity. The procedure is commonly referred to with several names such as XLIF (Extreme lateral interbody fusion), DLIF (Direct lateral interbody fusion), and OLIF (Oblique Lumbar interbody Fusion). It is performed through a 3 cm incision located on the flank and a large spacer is inserted into the damaged disc space to give the spine more support and decompress the pinched nerves. Candidates for this kind of surgery include patients with significant disc pathology including degenerative disc disease, recurrent disc herniations, degenerative deformity, spinal instability and failed back surgery.

Compared to traditional open posterior surgeries there is much less blood loss, less pain, shorter hospital stays and the infection rate is near zero.

Proud to have performed the first two successful OLIF procedures in North India beyond Delhi (where also only few cases have been done).

Dr. Gaurav Sharma, MBBS, MS (Orthopedics) 

Orthopedic Spine Specialist